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Torbay Clearance Services Limited (hereafter called TCS) takes pride in the high number of referrals, recommendations and positive feedback that we receive. We constantly aim for high standards of service and would therefore draw your attention to the following:



All work will be carried out in a respectful and confidential manner by our team. Our team are uniformed, employed directly, and insured. We actively develop our Health and Safety policy and have partnered with Citation, who offer ongoing Health and Safety training and support to our team. Our team embrace diversity, and are particularly sensitive to mental health issues, and those clients who may hoard or live in poor conditions as a result. 

Wherever possible, items of a personal or financial nature are retained for our clients or their representative (family member, solicitor, health care professional, etc). We aim to retain financial paperwork, money and family photographs wherever possible. However, we will not be responsible for any loss, financial, sentimental or otherwise, arising from the disposal of, or inability to locate, such items.


Dispatch to auction:

Where clients' items have been agreed as suitable for dispatch to auction, TCS will endeavour to take reasonable care of such items. However, we will not be liable for loss, damage, theft of such items. TCS will endeavour to locate items suitable for auction, but will not be liable for failure to locate item's suitable for auction, or for any selection process which fails to deem a particular item, or items, saleable for auction. Neither will TCS be liable for any selection process made by any auction, particularly inaccurate description made in respect of period, date, authenticity or value of any piece. If a client is present during clearance, TCS can indicate items being removed to auction but this selection would be the responsibility of the client.


Clients' items held by us prior to auction are held in secure, purpose designed premises. 
We respectfully request clients' attention in relation to suitability of some items for auction, in particular upholstered items, and electrical items, which may fail to meet legal resale regulations, either in respect of upholstered items not meeting current fire resale regulations, or electrical items not passing a PAT test.

Auction houses will lot or display items as they deem appropriate, and TCS cannot accept responsibility for such decisions. Clients' goods will be entered for the auction deemed most appropriate and/ or cost effective for the client, however all goods will be sold without reserve, unless agreed otherwise.

Due to large quantities of clients' items handled, TCS cannot guarantee entry to the next available auction, due to the timing of auction dates, or the inability of a particular auction to accept any more items for a particular sale. Where there is a delay, TCS reserve the right to retain items in their secure storage, or to transport the items to another appropriate auction room.


TCS undertakes storage for clients on a short or long term basis. Storage is either undertaken at our secure Head Office, in Paignton, at our secondary premises, in St. Marychurch, Torquay, or at our industrial premises at Dunchideock, Near Exeter. These premises are all owned/ leased by TCS directly.

Whilst reasonable care will be taken in respect of delivery to, or removal from our storage facilities, we cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any item or items, either during transportation to or from storage, or whilst held in storage. TCS cannot be liable for any deterioration or devaluing of any item whilst held in storage, due to natural ageing or specific damage.

Hazardous items:

TCS reserve the right to decline work, or to cease working at any time for Health and Safety reasons. We reserve the right to leave any item, or part of any premises constructed from, or comprising of ASBESTOS, in situ.

Tyres, televisions and refrigerated appliances require a surcharge, and our fees will include these charges. All waste is transported to various Environment Agency Registered sites, and TCS adheres comprehensively to current disposal legislation.

Hypodermic needles/ syringes will be removed and safely transported to a registered pharmacy or NHS premises, providing they are contained in a specific disposal container.

White goods:

Unless previously arranged, white goods will be treated in the following manner:
If the item is free-standing (ie only attached to a mains socket by a three pin standard plug) it would be removed, and dealt with as deemed appropriate. This would normally apply to fridges, freezers, tumble driers, microwaves and small electrical goods.

Washing machines, dishwashers and cookers (both gas and electric) will not be removed unless specifically agreed. TCS reserve the right to request that such appliances are professionally disconnected by a third party. We also reserve the right to instruct a third party disconnection if this is required. In any event, TCS accept no responsibility for loss, injury or damage that may occur following disconnection of any appliance. Please note, the above would particularly apply to any loss of water from pipe work following disconnection of washing machines or dishwashers. 

Fixtures and fittings:

Items physically fitted to or attached to the fabric of the building will normally be left. Generally, these items would include, but not necessarily be limited to, carpets, curtains, light fittings, fitted wardrobes, some white goods (see above) and work benches in garages and sheds. If an item cannot be picked up and removed (ie it is screwed or attached to a wall) it would normally be left. Attics, sheds, cellars and outhouses are emptied as standard.

Wrap, pack and dispatch:

From time to time, TCS is asked by clients, healthcare professionals, solicitors or executors to identify specific items and to dispatch them to a client, beneficiary or relative, etc. This work is undertaken frequently, however we will not be liable for the failure to select the exact items required, or for failing to locate such items within a property, if indeed such items remain at that property.

Once identified to the best of our ability, required items are wrapped and packed prior to dispatch. TCS accept no responsibility for the condition of contents following transportation, and cannot be liable for any damage, breakage or loss that has occurred during packaging, transit or unpacking.


If an hourly rate is charged, these charges will include all time spent travelling to and from the premises being cleared, together with all time associated with this client's work. Quotes are valid for 60 days following quotation. Signing of the quotation document constitutes acceptance of our quote in accordance with our terms and conditions. All work is subject to VAT at the current rate. (VAT reg number 124 0974 28)

Payment is normally requested by way of a VAT invoice issued after completion of the work. TCS reserve the right to request payment, either part or full, prior to work commencing or during clearance work. Payment can be made by cheque, BACS transfer, credit or debit card or cash. Bank details can be found on each invoice for online payments. We reserve the right to hold auction proceeds until payment of account is received. 

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